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Thirteen year old fashionista Coco Franks has finally made it into the popular group when her dad decides to move the whole family to the country so they can 'bond'. Social death is looming, her shoes are covered in mud and all Coco wants to do is get herself back to her city friends. After all, things can't get any worse, right?


Imagine if someone offered you millions of dollars to solve a simple secret code. Would you try to solve it in your spare time or postpone everything in your life until you figured out the solution?

Brock Manion, a talented graphic artist living on the Southern California coast, is faced with just such a dilemma. After graduating from UCSD, his life is fueled by two dangerous passions—surfing big waves and racing a 300-mph jet dragster. Among the male members of his family, the courage to perform death-defying acts seemed to be genetic—something built into their DNA. The allure of danger led them to take risks for the sheer reward of an adrenalin rush. However, possessing an extra Y-chromosome does not provide the type of courage needed when confronted with a spiritual dilemma.

Return To Violet illuminates the power of forgiveness and reveals how it affects the hearts and lives of those who least expect it. The story provides readers with suspense, adventure, humor, passion...and perhaps even a bit of enlightenment.


Since early childhood, Yvonne has had many reasons to suspect that she is different from the other people:
She often experiences telepathic and psychic phenomena.
She is eminent for her high intelligence and good character.
She never wishes to harm anybody; she wouldn't know how, either.
As a result, the others underestimate her and show it to her at the first opportunity.

During adolescence, new problems appear:
Gangs of hostile persons seem to be lurking for her everywhere, always ready to deride and terrorize her without any apparent reason.
Moreover, she is constantly dogged by negative omens, bad luck and odd coincidences.
Every time things seem to be getting better, finally everything goes wry and she ends up worse than before.
She comes to believe that she is a target of visible and invisible evil forces.

Reaching adulthood, her life takes an unhoped turn for the better.
Her wildest dreams seem to be on their way to materialization.
But is it so?


Introverted and bookish, Jessica Tye isn't coping well with her new life in London. She pours out her feelings in a long, rambling letter to Kennedy Orr, star of the dazzling hit musical MARINA, a show with which she's become completely obsessed.
Of course, she has no intention of posting the letter, of looking like just another silly fan. It's simply a form of emotional release, isn't it? To be torn up afterwards.....

"Alan Davidson is a fantastic writer...a complex and fascinating story" - US Customer
"I highly recommend this YA book for everyone" - UK Customer
"Simple yet clever and beautifully woven...cannot recommend it highly enough...definitely been one of my favorite reads this year" - US Customer

ALAN DAVIDSON is the author of the classic junior suspense novel THE BEWITCHING OF ALISON ALLBRIGHT and many other titles.


Fifteen-year-old Therese watches her parents die. While in a coma, she meets the twin sons of Hades—Hypnos (the god of sleep) and Thanatos (the god of death). She thinks she's manipulating a dream, not kissing the god of death and totally rocking his world.

Than makes a deal with Hades and goes as a mortal to the Upperworld to try and win Therese's heart, but not all the gods are happy. Some give her gifts. Others try to kill her.

The deal requires Therese to avenge the death of her parents. With the help of Than’s fierce and exotic sisters, the Furies, she finds herself in an arena face to face with the murderer, and only one will survive.


Maid of honor, Farley, has five days to put together a society wedding and only three groomsmen to help her. Plus a best man she hates. And loves. ...Definitely hates.

For some reason her friends and employers, CK and Ryan, have decided to move their wedding day up by eight months. There’s no way Farley can pull off a New York extravaganza worthy of an heiress in such a short amount of time.

Then she finds out why they’re in a hurry.

Determined to succeed, Farley uses anything and everything at her disposal, including making Ryan’s friends play bridesmaids. Working closely with best man, Brad, while still keeping her distance isn’t quite as easy.

If only what happened in Atlantic City could have stayed in Atlantic City.

It’s a crazy dash to the alter for everyone as Farley fights to thwart sabotage, corrals Ryan’s kooky friends, and does her best to ignore feelings that refuse to be filed under “big mistake”.

Will Brad find a way to prove they’d be great together? Or will stubbornness and pride get the better of both of them?


Everyone has a dark side. Mandy’s just moved in with her.

The last time sixteen-year-old Mandy Matteo broke a rule, her sister died. Since that day she has done only what is expected of her, but life as a goody-goody has made Mandy so boring her friends have all but abandoned her. And she’s given up on ever getting Ethan, the boy she’s liked forever, to notice her. Desperate, Mandy makes a wish to simply be happy.

Enter Desiree, a hippie from Woodstock serving a fifty-year indenture as a Wish Mistress (aka a genie). Years of only granting and never receiving her own wish have left Desiree bitter. Arranging for Mandy to right her biggest wrong – the exact thing Desiree would wish for – only makes things worse.

Still, Desiree does her job and grants the wish and happiness arrives for Mandy in the form of Lexi, her childhood imaginary friend come to life. Magical wishes have conditions though: Once started, the wish cannot be altered or revoked. Also, once Mandy is truly content with her life again, Lexi must go back to where she came from. However, the longer Lexi is alive the more she loves being alive, and she’ll do whatever it takes to stay that way.


This just may be one of the best inspired, Christian love stories to date. In the classic romance novel you will find a non fiction type of writing paired up with it because it explores the true life story of a man who lost love, lost faith, but found them both while walking along life's path.

Pastor Joey Bauer really poured his heart out in this one. He has tried to mix a non fiction feel with a warm tug on the heart that Christian romance novels give you. He has tried to tell his stories, show that Christian love can have a happy ending, even if the beginning is devastating to say the least. You will find in this book some strength and motivation as you read how Pastor Joey in the form of Adrian, lost his one true love to a horrific disease, but God saw him through it all. Through it all he learned to trust in Jesus, in the high times and in the low times, on the mountains and in the valley.

Pick this book up today and be touched by its Christian love inspired message of hope. God's grace is sure to speak to you in any situation you might be going through while reading the words off of this page. Accompanied by the book of Psalms you will find that even in bad times, Gods warm embrace is right around the corner. Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself.


Is loving a man in uniform worth the risk?

Scarred from the death of her fiancé in World War II, Grace Campbell must learn to love again. Lieutenant Luke Brady could make falling in love easy…except he’s going to war. There’s one thing that can keep a thread tied between them—letters. But the suave Dr. William Keller enchants Grace with his charm and proposes marriage. She must choose between them. Will she settle for comfort and safety or risk losing everything on the Normandy beaches?


Forged by Magic: Origins is a collection of FIVE short stories, featuring the characters from the Forged series. This is the first of two prequels/BOOK COMPANION to the series. Each story is told from a different character’s point-of-view.

Find out how the Amulet and Dasht-e Kavir have been created, and how the powers of the Universe opened the gates to other dimensions, inadvertently releasing unworldly supernatural creatures into the Human World.

This is a VERY SHORT book - it is perfect for a pleasurable "lunch read". Enjoy and please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you!


Fifteen year old Albert has just received an invitation that could transform his disappointing life completely – a chance to belong to an advanced and hidden society that only reveals itself to a select few.

Immersed in a new world of mind-boggling technology and intriguing peers, Albert will overcome his fears enough to ignore a few suspicious details. But soon he'll find his family dragged to the center of a scandal that threatens to tear them apart and erase their very identities.

A conflicted Albert must find the strength to challenge authority by relying on his newfound allies and gift for Revelation.

Prepare for adventure, humor and suspense in this fast-paced tale of a "normal" family striving for their place in a "perfect" world.


“The books that help you most are those which make you think the most. The hardest way of learning is that of easy reading; but a great book that comes from a great thinker is a ship of thought, deep freighted with truth and beauty.” Theodore Parker

Thursday’s Freebies to Feed Your Reader


If you like Mary Higgins Clark, you'll love Be Mine by Sandra Norton Flynn.

He knows where she works.

He knows where she lives.

And soon, they’ll come face-to-face.

Erin Lewis is an up-and-coming fashion designer building up her career in New York City. With a loving husband, a great assistant, and working in the field of her dreams, she couldn’t be happier.

But perfection can’t last forever.

When a long string of tragedies shakes Erin to her core, she doesn’t know how to keep moving forward day by day. And when she is targeted by a brutal serial killer, she must find the inner strength she never knew she had just to survive.


We all have a choice—but we can’t choose the consequences.

Jacob Clark is chased down a path that takes him to another world—a world where he is a wanted young man. The Lorkon want to control him and the special powers he possesses. The people of the new world want him to save them from the destruction of the Lorkon. All Jacob wants is to go home, but even that choice has consequences. If he waits too long to decide, the new world and the one he came from will be destroyed.

As Jacob looks for people he can trust, he finds himself in the center of a fight for freedom—both for himself and the people he’s come to know. And when he meets a pretty girl named Aloren, everything he understands about his role on Eklaron is challenged.

Jacob has no idea where the path he chooses will take him, but once the choice has been made—bring on the consequences.

The Kilenya Series by Andrea Pearson:
The Key of Kilenya (June, '11)
The Ember Gods (Kilenya, 2. Sep, '11)
August Fortress (Kilenya, 3. Jun, '12)
Rise of Keitus (Kilenya, 4. Feb, '13)
Eyes of the Sun (Kilenya, 5. Summer '13)
The Golden Symbol (Kilenya, 6. January '14)

Praise and reviews for The Key of Kilenya:
“The Key of Kilenya is full of adventure and wonderful, mythical-type creatures—totally unique. This book is like Fablehaven meets Harry Potter with a sprinkling of Lord of the Rings. A good, fun, clean read for the whole family.” – Jennifer Hurst

“As a mother, it's refreshing to know there are authors writing fantasy, like The Key of Kilenya, that is not dark and depressing.” – Kimberly Job

“Andrea balances excitement with thought, external conflict with inner, and adds just the right mix of mystery and realism.” – Karen Hoover

“This is the beginning of a middle grade series that is sure to be great. Both youths and adults will enjoy The Key of Kilenya.” – Jewel Adams

"To be quite honest, I don't usually read books in this genre. However, I loved Harry Potter so I took a chance and I have to admit, I liked it! A lot!" - Mandi Slack

"Overall, like the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, I would most certainly say this book is worth multiple reads." - Reviewer

"It is an adventure filled ride that is perfect for middle grade students who love action and science fiction." - Cindy

"The fantastical elements really feel original. In fact, reading this put me in mind of the creatures you would come across in Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis, because the creatures really aren't the norm." - Lisa

"I love the Harry Potter references, as a typical teen has most definitely become familiar with those books." Heidi - Goodreads Reviewer

"As in Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan, Harry Potter by JK Rowling, Fablehaven by Brandon Mull and other great books, a teenage boy lives an ordinary life while another world thinks he's something special... It's gripping all the way through." - Patricia

"Get this book. You won't be disappointed unless you have no imagination and don't like books such as the Harry Potter series (JK Rowling), Fablehaven (Brandon Mull), Percy Jackson (Rick Riordan) or movies like Stardust, etc." - Karl, Reviewer

"Similar to Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series, this is just a very fun, creative, exciting adventure!" - Debra

"The story has many twists and turns and loads of suspense throughout it and will keep the reader fascinated from start to finish. Reminded me of the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan and Fablehaven written by Brandon Mull." - Karen

"If you like books written by award winning authors such as Brandon Mull (Fablehaven, Beyonders) and Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson), than you will LOVE 'The Key of Kilenya.'" - Sarah

"I love the Fablehaven books by Brandon Mull, but the first one started slow for me. The Key of Kilenya doesn't start slow." - Rhonda Lynne Bingham


When do you know the most important decision of your life is the right one?
Reaping the seeds from what she's sown; Cheney Reynolds moves into a historic neighborhood in Ferguson, Missouri, and becomes a reclusive.
Her first neighbor, the incomparable Mrs. Beatrice Tilley Beacon aka Grandma BB, is an opinionated childless widow. Grandma BB is a self-proclaimed expert on topics Cheney isn’t seeking advice—everything from landscaping to hip-hop dancing to romance.
Then there is Parke Kokumuo Jamison VI, a direct descendant of a royal African tribe. He learned his family ancestry, African history, and lineage preservation before he could count.
Unwittingly, they are drawn to each other, but it takes Christ to weave their lives into a spiritual bliss while He exonerates their past indiscretions.


Amish Romance Bundle

Now you can get the 4 bestselling Amish Romance Novels in a discounted bundle.

The Bundle includes the following books:

Fruitful Love
Hannah is a young and beautiful Amish woman whose day takes a turn for the love as she meets her soul-mate. Unfortunately, he is there for a visit. What will happen to the young lovers as his assignment is over?

Love, From Graceland
Talented oil painter Bethany Lengacher is invited to show her paintings at a prestigious New York art gallery. She is torn when she must choose among sharing her gift with the world, her needy boyfriend Abrahm who wants every ounce of her attention, and her first love Jon Whetstone was returned to a nearby Amish community with a secret that will change Bethany’s life forever.

Prairie Princess
Levi and Eli are like brothers and they were supposed to go herding together, but when Eli had an accident, his wife had to come instead. During the time spent herding sheep together in the prairie they start to feel attracted to each other. But fearing the community's and her husbands response and consequences of their actions Rebecca and Levi have to sort out their real feelings and decide what is the correct thing to do.

No Other Amish Love
Twenty-three-year-old Mary Hilty's loses her Dad, Atlee, and now has two suitors interested in her hand for marriage, but only one of them is perfect for love and running the Hilty's Family's Bee Farm.


Winner of the SILVER MEDAL in the 2014 Readers' Favorite annual International Award Contest—Category YA Paranormal Romance. Ever since she can remember, Sonia has had to abide by her parents' ridiculously unfair rules like not being allowed to date or even kiss a guy. The only reason she thinks she's being held to these rules is when Sonia was eight, she took a sip of her friend’s drink, causing her friend to do everything Sonia asked. As her eighteenth birthday approaches, Sonia is finally about to learn why; she's a Huldra, a dangerous, yet seductive and magical Norse forest maiden who with just one kiss, has the ability to control humans and appropriate parts of their souls. Keeping the rules hasn't been a problem for Sonia because she's never really been attracted to any guy. But when Anthony transfers to her school, every last rule flies out the window. There's just something about Anthony that she can't resist—the way he seems to be hiding a deep, dark secret that is connected to her, the way his mysterious blue eyes cause her heart to beat more rapidly, his athletic, god-like physique. The closer she gets to her eighteenth birthday—the moment she matures into a fully realized Huldra—the more she finds herself obsessing about him. As graduation day approaches, Anthony starts to show interest in her, but she would never have guessed how life-changing and how dangerous Anthony's secrets are, and how overwhelmingly intense a relationship with him could be.

Suspenseful, passionate and gripping, E. J. Squires’s contemporary paranormal YA romance brings you on a highly entertaining adventure that you will want to continue on forever.


To escape the often lonely and boring reality of living in a small rural town, Jessica finds comfort in reading about the many places that exist beyond her small corner of the earth. When she joins the State Department and travels abroad looking for adventure, she gets more than she imagined was ever possible. Passport to happiness is a story of strength and determination, while exploring new places, but it’s also about finding love and happiness – no matter where you hang your hat.


‘Magical’ is the only word that can describe the moss-covered trunks and exposed roots; the dark, rich earth; the rays of sunshine glittering with dust particles; the unearthly swirls of mist tangling through the leaves and between the branches. It’s easy to believe in fairies from this vantage point.

At sixteen, all Shaylee Greene wants is to become a dancer and her biggest problems in life are her over-protective parents and a strange recurring dream she’s been having most of her life. Then she wakes up on her seventeenth birthday and discovers that she has been marked.
Ripped from her beloved South Africa, home for most of her life, Shaylee is sent, without explanation, to a tiny town in the Forest of Dean, England, to live with her grandmother, whom she has not seen since age seven. Here, Shaylee learns that she is not who she thought she was.
Assigned one protector and promised to another, she must come to terms with her unexpected attraction for both boys, learn about her fantastical heritage, uncover some harsh truths about her past and fight to survive in this new world fraught with dangers she never knew existed.
I feel like I hit the YA paranormal romance jackpot grand prize! With well-crafted scenes and a magical stroke of her pen, Ms. Greyling has built a world of fantasy that feels real without use of clichés and overdone angst! – Amazon Top 500 reviewer, Tome Tender blogspot.


Nobody noticed as it swept around the globe - until billions began to die. Then it got a name: The Lethargy. Everyone just gave up, all interest in life relentlessly gnawed away.

Marcus was different - he became something else: Awoken. A man able to bend reality to his will and peel back the layers of the complex world he found himself alone in.

His only true desire was to help safeguard mankind's future, so The Commorancy was constructed - a fabled safe haven for those lucky enough to get an invitation after passing his strict and convoluted entry requirements. But there are those out to ensure humanity is wiped from the planet entirely, led by a tattooed red man that will stop at nothing.

Three hundred years living a life that was never meant to be means that Marcus' grip on reality is becoming severely warped. When fifteen year old Letje finally gets her invitation she finds herself completely out of her depth. Haughty goats, an almost mythical man obsessed with changing his clothes at every available opportunity, and doors that go whoosh don't help her situation as the very future of mankind hangs in the balance.

With elements of fantasy, sci-fi and gothic otherworldliness The
Commorancy is an exciting new dystopian series that revels in the bizarre.
A vividly constructed world with engrossing characters transports you to a
future all too possible yet fantastical. Entertaining, thought provoking, and
odd - in a good way.


In this coming of age debut trilogy, USA Today bestseller Micah Caida turns dystopian young adult fiction on its ear with a breathtakingly fresh science fiction, fantasy story that is as much a thriller as it is a romantic tale.

Rayen’s memory is blank. Her future's in question. Her power is dangerous.

I awoke in an unknown desert landscape that I felt I should recognize, yet I have no real memory of this place or…who I am. A strange ghost told me my name and that I’m seventeen, but he disappeared just as I could have used some help. I was captured along with others my age who said the land was called Albuquerque, then I was handed over to a private school where at times things are as familiar as the nearby mountain range and as alien as seeing a reflection of my face. Everyone thinks I’m a Native American runaway, whatever that is, but the school has offered me a place to stay until they learn my true identity, or my memory returns. As if things aren’t confusing enough, while stuck with a cocky computer-savvy boy and a gifted, but oddball, girl the three of us discovered a secret that threatens the existence of this world - and the future. In the middle of all this, I'm drawn to a seventeen-year-old boy who is as deadly as he is attractive and thinks I’m the enemy.

"I was totally captivated by every scene in the first book...The imagination of Micah Caida takes the reader on an exhilarating journey…TIME TRAP is originality at its best." ~~Amelia Richard, SingleTitles


Sacred Spring, by DiVoran Lites, is a contemporary Christian romance novel with an environmental theme.

Elaine Donovan’s forebears have owned the Sacred Spring campground in Central Florida for generations, and Elaine has become an environmentalist because of her love of nature and of the property. Duty weighs heavily on the twenty-three-year-old Elaine, as she now finds herself responsible not only for the decrepit campground, but for her young brother and aging grandfather as well. When she meets developer Hank Schaefer, she senses he may have answers for her, but discovers that his scheming female partner, Reva North, has other plans for the property. Elaine is then compelled to find her own inspiration that will preserve and fulfill her hopes and dreams.

“Resolve to edge in a little reading every day, if it is but a single sentence. If you gain fifteen minutes a day, it will make itself felt at the end of the year.”  ~ Horace Mann

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Featured Freebie – The Touch of Sage by Marcia Lynn McClure

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Featured Freebie – Just an Old Fashioned Love Story: A collection of romantic novels

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