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"Sweetie, I'm home." I tried to put as much kindness into my voice as possible. I didn't want to have another argument - at least not right away.



A gunshot echoed from our bedroom, followed by the sound of a bullet casing skipping along a wall.

Everything slowed down.


When a life is destroyed, when guilt says you played a role in its destruction, how do you face the days ahead? Twenty-six-year-old Abel Keogh chooses to ignore the promptings he receives concerning his wife's mental illness, and now he feels he is to blame for her choices. If only he had listened . . .

At some point in our lives, each of us face devastating afflictions and must eventually cope with loss. Regardless of how it happens, the outcome is still the same - we are left isolated, alone, wondering what we could have done differently, and where we can turn for peace. This is Abel's story in his own words. His search for peace and the miracle that follows is proof that love and hope can endure, despite the struggles and tragedies that shape each of our lives.


How Much Would You Sacrifice for Love?

With nothing but a strong back and a barrel full of ambition, August Wolff finds wealth beyond measure in the frozen goldfields of the Klondike. Success, however, comes at an unbearably high price. Now Gus walks alone, and all the money in the world can't buy him what he needs.

In the late 1800's, when women are most often seen and not heard, Amelia Starling longs for a life limited only by her imagination. Blessed with abundant artistic talent and an even bigger heart, Lia moves to the bustling city of San Francisco, hoping to make her mark and living with the pain of a sacrifice no woman should ever have to make.

Two wounded yet defiant individuals meet at the dawn of a new century, discovering a passion eclipsing all they'd ever known. Longing to build a life together, can they overcome the dictates of a cruel and judgmental society?

An excerpt from the novel: [He lowered] his mouth to hers. Gently. Softly. After a moment he raised his head.

"I won't break," she whispered. She could hear the slightly petulant tone in her voice and wondered if he'd take offense. She looked up to see a slow smile make its way across his face. He had backed her up to the wall. "Then you'd better hold on," he said.

The Art of Love is a prequel to the new romance series "Sinner's Grove." For more information on the series, please visit A.B. Michaels' website.


Would you like that the removal of the pacifier will not be a traumatic event for your child? =====================================================

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Johnny does not want to give up his pacifier – ever! Mom is at wit's end.

But will Johnny's mind change when he learns about the magical Pacifier Tree?

Mom and Johnny will learn an important lesson about priorities and growing up in this playful pacifier tale.

A great story for parents to read with kids struggling to give up their pacifiers! For children at ages 3-10 .

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“ The Pacifier Tree written by Uncle Amos As a mother of three children who all loved their pacifier’s, I loved this story. ” Tracey Landes 

The story kept me interested and the illustrations are cute and well done making it a fun book for children and parent to enjoy is great. ” Anna Othitis 

I like children's books that help guide parents and kids through the challenges of growing up. ” Larry B. Gray

The book is accompanied with a video in which a narrator reads the story and the video shows the book's colorful pictures." Israel Drazin 

Good Book to Help Kids Kick the Pacifier Habit" Sherry Ellis


Dealing with:

Anger management , friendship, Emotions. “It’s an - illustrated children picture book” for Early reading And educational children’s book’s - teach kids basic skills, values,helping others,good deeds,Faith,Modesty(bedtime story eBook for children) Great Children's eBooks for kindle , bedtime books, picture books for kids ages 3-10, moral animal children book,story with lesson for children,Illustrated Picture Book ,Teaches your kid the value of persistence,Social skills for kids collection,value books for children,best sellers children books,Teaches your kids the value of patience,Bedtime story,kindle kids books,paperback children books,How to Build Self Confidence & Self Esteem in children's books,Picture Books in Kids Collection,Bedtime Stories for Early Readers,Picture Books in Kids Collection,How to improve self-confidence,funny story,short story for children.


Retreat to Folly (Jesus on Folly Book 1)

What if you met Jesus on the beach? Susan, an exhausted mother of three, wonders if sleep deprivation has finally made her crazy after a beach walk turns into an encounter with Jesus. She thought coming on this retreat on Folly Beach, South Carolina would give her some rest and renewal from her hectic life and maybe an attitude adjustment which she badly needs. The retreat and a series of life-changing encounters with Jesus challenge Susan to leave behind her narrow view of herself and mothering. The retreat sessions teach her to put her past in the past and embrace her present. Her time with Jesus magnifies these lessons with spiritual healings. Can Susan accept that Jesus is interested in the state of her soul and the state of her motherhood, and they are more closely intertwined than she could possibly imagine?

This is a work of fiction.


Prairie Grooms is a series, so you’ll want to read these books in order to have the most fun. Kit Morgan’s books are fun, whimsical, sweet stories about the old west, its people, but especially about Clear Creek. One of the wackiest little towns in the old west!

Also by Kit Morgan:
The Prairie Bride Series, beginning with ‘His Prairie Princess’

The Holiday Mail Order Bride Series, beginning with ‘The Christmas Mail Order Bride’

What happens when six English ladies are shipped off halfway across the world as mail order brides? EVERYTHING! Watch them go from a posh lifestyle in London to Clear Creek, a nothing of a town full of quirky characters, crazy livestock, and bumbling villains! Oh, and handsome grooms too!

Duncan Cooke, aka The Duke of Stantham, had a problem. He had a huge estate in England to manage, one not far from London, and it came with all the headaches one would expect with an estate in disarray. Including six unwed cousins, women no man would touch for fear of losing a limb, or worse. Strange things happened to all who tried to court them, so they were left unwed. But Duncan realized that his hometown of Clear Creek had exactly what he needed. Men! And so with the help of his brother’s wife Sadie, he concocted a plan to send his cousins to Clear Creek as mail order brides! He just hoped the calamity that often followed them, didn’t find its way across the sea as well …


Ten-year-old twins Joe and Jemima Lancelot have no idea why their parents have disappeared, but a mysterious old book which had belonged to their father holds the answer… and so begins an unusual quest to discover the truth.

Together with Max, their remarkable Tonkinese cat, and Charlie from next door, the children embark on an epic adventure, travelling back in time to the lost city of Atlantis. Once there, however, they soon run into problems.

Can they save the people of Atlantis from the disaster which is about to destroy their land forever?

And will they find their way back to the safety of their own time before it’s too late?


When Jeanine finally connects with film star Jamie Newkirk, the object of her obsession, will it be a dream come true? Or will she be pulled into his family's nightmare of secrets, control, and death? 

At age ten, preacher's daughter Jeanine fell in love with young movie star Jamie Newkirk and the character he played--Danny Summer. Jeanine believed God Himself promised Jamie would be part of her life--that he would rescue her from boring rural Georgia. But eleven years later, she's graduating college and about to settle into the dreary nine-to-five life with no word from Jamie or God. 

And then Jamie bursts into her life in an amazing way. There are plans to resurrect the Summer series of books and movies, and Jeanine is right in the middle of it all. Jamie seems to be falling for her, just as she'd dreamed. And yet... 

She never expected all the dark undercurrents. Jamie is hiding out in Georgia following the suspicious death of his former girlfriend. And isn't it odd that he found his mother dead of a supposed suicide in that same house two years before, and that both women had the same strangely-shaped burn on their bodies? And who knew there would be so many sinister characters involved in Jamie's life, and in the Summer series? There's his young co-star, Charlie--the Summer author died in an unexplained fire at his house. And Jamie's stepfather, Elliott, and uncle Richard seem to be in a vicious competition for control of the Summer series and of Jamie's life. 

Jamie is obviously hiding things--about his family, about the deaths of his mother and girlfriend. The media and the public have declared him guilty. Jeanine longs to prove his innocence. Unless she can, Jamie's dark secrets may shatter her dreams, her faith--and her life.


A Magically Mysterious Fantasy Adventure....

Unwittingly transported hundreds of years into the future by Merlin when he was merely a baby, Peter Butler, the only child of the legendary King Arthur, is thrust directly into the oldest conflict in history after he is mugged one evening.

Peter must battle against deadly secret organisations in order to locate and destroy Mallum Mallus, an ancient and powerful sorcerer king lost to time, before he can devour the Light of Adunaris within Peter and use it to dominate both humankind and the Guardians.

Peter sets off on his epic magical quest aided by his centuries old godmother, Glynnis Goldwine, as they begin deciphering clues left by Nostradamus, that lead them to long forgotten and mystical artefacts.

His quest will not be an easy one as the Illuminati hunt him, the Arcanium need him and Governments want him!

Official review by Book Viral...

"A quest that arcs across the centuries, The Order of Ascalon is the debut fantasy adventure novel from author Daniel J Franks. It’s an imaginative read, with Franks weaving the requisite elements of popular fantasy and is bound to have readers engrossed in no time as a gamut of historical characters are given an intriguing makeover. From Merlin to George Washington, each adds an interesting dimension that is in keeping with the tone and levity of the yarn Franks spins.

Cleverly integrating myth and legend, the magical elements are in context with his young protagonist’s quest and certainly keep the pages turning. Making for an entertaining read that is unpredictable without being overly complicated, whilst the action rarely slows to idle.

It isn’t a tale to wallow in deep thematic prose and for that reason is likely to have a broader spectrum of appeal beyond its genre.

The Order of Ascalon is certainly an ambitious start to a series with much potential and is sure to attract many interested and enthusiastic followers. It is certainly recommended."


They left her alone for 17 years. Now they want her back. 
Seventeen-year-old Samantha has a great life. She's dating the hottest guy in school and she just got accepted at Stanford. But her world's turned upside-down when she discovers she's part of a top secret genetics experiment run by a global corporation. They've been watching her for years, waiting for the right time to take her back. That time is now.

She goes on the run, only to find another person just like her. He's been living in hiding for years and now that Samantha's found him, she's put both their lives in danger. But they can't run for long. Something embedded in their genes ensures that if the corporation can't have them, nobody will.


Who are the cutest creatures in the woods? Baby bears live there, and so do baby deer, raccoons, owls and lynx! Your precious little one will even meet a baby flying squirrel and red fox. And don't forget the tiniest prickly porcupine! Meet all the baby animals who live in the woods in this fun, colorful, and beautifully illustrated children's book.

This charming rhyming book is perfect for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids too.


The Dodger family enjoy going on family road trips.
They experience a lot of new and fun adventures along the way. You get to help choose their adventures in this Choose your Path book.

In this series Sam and Liza go on a road trip to the beach or is it the river? You decide in this what happens next story for young children or a read aloud bedtime story.


From Lily Lexington, the best selling kid's author who sold over 100,000 copies of her kid's books in her first 18 months on Amazon.

** This book is available free for Amazon Prime members.**

Luna feels different from her butterfly family. She wants to belong but
deep down she knows she is not the same as the other butterflies. Follow
Luna in her journey to find out who she is in the cute story for kids
both young and old.

The story ends with a great lesson about acceptance that all parents will resonate with.
- Beautiful, color illustrations that will captivate your young child.
- Rhyming lines help engage your child and sustain interest

Your younger children will enjoy the illustrations and sing-song tone of the
story while your older children will particularly like the rhyming
story format.

Pick up your copy today!

This story is aimed at kids 3-5


In a series of funny and delightful mishaps, Princess Nell's beautiful new gown for the Grand Palace Ball is ruined.

Afraid of upsetting her parents, Princess Nell and her friend Rose learn that that "there's always a way" as they use their ingenuity to come up with a unique solution.

Princess Nell: The Best Ball Gown Ever is a beautifully told children's story that empowers and educates all at once.

Free Bonus: Princess Nell Audiobook inside!
- A great way to help children gain a healthy perspective on life.
- Inspired and happy ending that leaves your little prince or princess in a great place for sleep!

Scroll up and click the "Buy" button to get your copy of Princess Nell now!

For more great princess books on Amazon, check out more Princess Nell books as well as Deborah Bradley's best-selling Princess Ruby Book Series.

“A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others.”
- Abraham Lincoln

Monday’s Freebies to Feed Your Reader


Kit Kendall moved to Fircrest with her sisters, Layla and Jane in the hopes of starting over. Baking bread instead of painting is quite the transition but she's never been happier in her life. Too bad life has a habit of throwing her curve balls and Rob Downing, the owner of the Iron Skillet might just be too much to handle. She's not sure whether or not she should catch him or throw in her mitt. Especially when Hunter shows up and decides she's the woman for him. As Kit tries to figure out what her heart has been telling her all along, the bakery comes under attack from a saboteur intent on ruining Belinda's Bakery. With Layla and Michael's wedding only weeks away, they're determined to find the culprit because no one's getting in the way of this happy ending.


Dive into Everblue, Book #1 in Mer Tales, WINNER OF BEST I'VE READ.
????? "I recommend this book to mermaid lovers and people who like romance and unexpected twists on their story." --Bella, reader
????? "Everblue is the first Mermaid story I loved..." --Yara, Once Upon A Twilight
????? "I was blown away! Definitely one of the most inspiring books I've ever read in my life!" --Nicole, Comfortable Read

She wanted her life to change ... he wanted his to stay the same.
Seventeen-year-old Ashlyn Lanski is tired of her boring, single life. Swimming and spending time with Tatiana, her best friend, are her only sanctuary. The girls plan to leave their drab lakeside town far behind for college, and Ash hopes to finally ditch her longtime crush for Finley, Tatiana's twin brother. But when Tatiana and her family fail to return home after a family emergency, Ashlyn makes an irrational decision to deal with her loss of them.

Finley Helton and his family are good at blending in with humans as they run their sailing charter business in Lake Tahoe. The truth is they guard an ancient secret. When a not so routine meeting forces Finley, Tatiana and their mother to return to their underwater home of Natatoria, they learn Fin's father will lead a dangerous mission. They must stay in Natatoria and wait for his return, but Fin can't stay caged up for long.

Secrets lurk beneath the deep blue waters of Lake Tahoe, and a simple lifesaving kiss will change their lives forever.

** WIN $25 by joining my newsletter: tinyurl.com/mge8zvn**

The Emerald Talisman is a clean Paranormal Romance.
Language: Mild
Violence: Moderate
Sexual Situations: Mild


DREAM WEAVER was just awarded the bronze medal in the Readers' Favorite International Book Awards!!

Vampires sparkled through the spotlight. Then, the zombies shambled through. Now, it's time for a new paranormal. DREAM WEAVER.

Emari Sweet understands waking up in a cold sweat, heart pounding and screaming in fear. Night terrors plague her after the death of her parents, and she strives for control over the darkness that threatens to engulf her. But a monster lurks in the shadows, and his subtle hints of brutality explode in a violent attack that plunges her back into the depths of fear.

Nickolas Benedetti is a Dream Weaver…an ancient, arcane and almost immortal supernatural race descended from the offspring of angels & humans, the Nephilim. Nick has the power to command memories and dreams, and each night, Emari's screams tear another piece of his heart. Nick plunges heart-first into Em's tormented dreams to save her. But something dark and nefarious has followed him to her little cottage in the woods. His magic can save her from the night terrors, but does he have the power to protect her from the real, living, breathing nightmares that threaten to dismantle her sanity?

Dream Weaver is a young adult paranormal fiction/action adventure trilogy that's a bit on the dark side. This suspense/thriller, written about realistic pseudo-scientific memory and dream manipulation, is set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
A beautiful, atmospheric survival story that is dark sci fi meets teen fantasy meets dark romance. A YA paranormal love story receiving 5 star reviews from readers of all ages, and a bronze medal award winner in the Readers Favorite International Book Awards.
**ROCK STAR: Dream Weaver Novels Book 2, and the final book BREAKING NORMAL are also available in paperback and on KINDLE!!!**

5 Star Editorial Book Review by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite
Dream Weaver by Su Williams is SUPERB. It's an unusual tale, part YA fantasy, part paranormal, part romance, part horror and part supernatural. When you roll all those genres into one you have a book you can’t put down. I found I wanted to read slowly to savor the exquisite moments of pleasure this book offers.
Dream Weaver is Su Williams' first novel. I certainly hope it is not her last. This is an online book series fans of fantasy will not want to miss.

Dream Weaver is a story inspired by authors of great books to read for girls and women like Richelle Mead, Stephanie Meyer, Lisa McMann and Maggie Stiefvater.



An educative and Fun read!

What would you do if your kid was afraid of the dark?
What would you do if every night he would imagine monsters in the dark that threatens to swallow him?

Join Tommy on his courageous journey through his imaginary world to find a way to beat his fear.
Along the story you will discover how he would handle his feelings and emotions,
attain his bravery and get a *** DOUBLE GIFT *** reward!

This early reading book is a great read for ages 6-8.
It can also partly answer the question "How to parent".

Followed with 13 fascinating illustrations the story encourages children
to stop being scared of the dark and develop courage, leadership and self esteem.

It is also a great source for improving reading proficiency.

Get your exclusive gift: FREE Parents' Guide!

With the parents' guide you will get enriching information on:
• The fear of dark
• Practical tips for overcoming it
• Fun activities for the whole family

Grab your copy today and enjoy the reading!



- Willow Rose definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. She balanced fantasy and intense emotion brilliantly. I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys the paranormal. - Fictitious Musings

- I loved this book! It was really good and just warm with a touch of darkness to it (...) It's good stuff! - That Chick That Reads

- Death & Life meet with a twist. Definitely worth a read - Becky's Barmy Book Blog


Meghan is 16 when she dies.

She wakes up on a flying steamboat on her way to a school run by Angels in a white marble castle.

On the boat she meets Mick who has been dead for more than a hundred years but still looks like a teenager. He helps her past the difficult beginning at the new school in a new world filled with magic.

One day some of Meghan's roommates find a mirror in the cellar of the school and they persuade her to go through it with them - well knowing it is strictly against the rules of the school. Meghan ends up back on earth where she meets Jason. But Jason is in danger and Meghan knows something important. Something that is a matter of life and death. Soon she is forced to choose between the two worlds. The one she belongs to now and the one she left.

Beyond is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance and the first book in Willow Rose's popular Afterlife-series.


Excitement. That's what Jaycee has been saving for since high school. With plans to leave rural Twain, Georgia, the "to where" and the "to what" have been the only questions stopping her. Will her intentions change when Dash Matheson pulls her wandering heart in his direction? Feel the summer heat of the Fourth of July in this southern series as Jaycee finds love. Christian Contemporary Romance.

Volume 1, Summer of a four part serial novel under the Faith, Love, and Fried Chicken title.
Volume 2, Fall available now.
Volume 3,Winter available now.
Volume 4, Spring available now.
Marlene caught Dash eyeing Jaycee. Wiping the spot next to him, she slid a fresh paper placemat and napkin-wrapped silverware in front of the empty stool.
"Never gonna happen."
He smiled confidently, a plan forming in his head. Turning to face the counter, he gave her a winning smile, "It's only a matter of fried chicken."
Marlene smiled at his answer, then raised an eyebrow.
"What's only a matter of fried chicken?" Jaycee repeated. She came to stand near Dash with her hand on her hip.
He took a long pull on the pop and braced his two hands against the counter, turning and leaning over in his stool so his eyes were level with Jaycee's.
"You and me," he said slowly, letting his lips roll over the words as they carried to her on a breath and sank against the softness of her cheeks. Her beautiful light-green eyes narrowed and her full lashes fell in quick succession as she blinked rapidly.
"Y-you and me? And fried chicken?"
"That's right, darlin'."
"Don't you darlin' me, Dash. I know what comes after your 'darlin'. Sure enough, I'm in your sights, but I'm leaving this town, not stayin' and settin' up a Mom and Pop with you."
Marlene had wandered away once she saw Jaycee's temper flare. Jaycee was but three inches from his face. His gaze lazed on her lips and then swiftly found her eyes again.
"Don't let the future overwhelm the moment," he whispered quietly. He reached for her hand, just running his thumb across the top of it and then let it go.



Widowed at a young age Julia left everything she has ever known to accompany her brother, Mark, to Wisconsin. Will new surroundings prove to be the answer to healing her heartache? Will her tenuous relationship with her mother be strained beyond repair? Or will their bond grow stronger because of the miles between them?


Note:This book was previously published under "Love Is Thicker Than Blood" by Ivy Alexander. New content has been added including an extended ending, with twists and turns you'll be sure to love!

Jennifer Berkley is a straightforward, ambitious, soon-to-be lawyer in the fast, driven city of New York. She doesn’t have the patience or time to deal with people who can’t or won’t give her what she wants. When her father asks her to visit her aunt in Ohio as her last dying wish, Jen is immediately resistant, but reconsiders when her father makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Jen finds Ohio a much different pace than New York, and is beginning to enjoy country life when she meets Zack LaFaye, a good-looking, helpful man who is adored by her aunt. Each encounter with him leaves Jen flustered and annoyed. The question is glaring: does she have feelings for him, or does she hate him so much that she can’t decide?

Amidst a country backdrop, Jen discovers feelings and experiences no city girl is prepared for. As the summer unfolds, she finds herself questioning everything. Using her skill and training as a lawyer, Jen uncovers a trail of deceit she didn’t see coming. With a vengeance, she is determined to find out the truth. Someone is lying to her, but who?

Love Finds You is a clean romance novel full of charming intrigue, with twists, turns, love, romance and drama that will leave you breathless as Jen must decipher her feelings, and the truth.

Helena’s Grove Series ebook Categories

- sweet romance free
- romantic comedy novels
- country romance books
- college romance series
- new adult romance best sellers


Louisa wakes from a deep heavy fog, surrounded by strangers and horrified to discover she's been the sole victim of a terrible buggy accident. Worse... she remembers nothing.

Trevor Worthington, Duke of Kenbridge, can’t trust women. Yet after nearly killing the amnesiac Louisa, he has little choice but to open his home to her. His heart softens to the straggly woman in beggar's garb as he strives to help her regain her memory. As proof of Louisa's scars, both physical and those lurking beneath the surface, come to light, Trevor finds himself more and more drawn to the mysterious woman. However he is hesitant to enter another nightmarish entanglement like his first marriage.

Louisa is all too happy to accept employment in the Duke's household though it quickly becomes apparent she doesn't fit in at all! For starters she speaks French and has no skills to speak of. Bits and pieces of conflicting memories flash through her mind, lending more confusion to the puzzle of her life. Fortunately the duke proves ever patient with her myriad of mistakes and Louisa finds herself falling in love with the kind, brooding man. As their budding relationship progresses from improper to scandalous Louisa's memory begins to return. Dare she tell Trevor the horrible truths of her past? That she belongs to an evil man known only as Macgregor.

As the heartbreaking facts of Louisa's past are exposed and decade old questions come to light, will the truth keep these lovers from happiness? Will Trevor be able to give love another chance? Or will Louisa's sweet touch prove yet another forgotten memory...

“Come. I’ll take you down and introduce you to the kitchen staff.”

Mrs. Smythe led the way, out of the bedroom and down the stairs. Louisa’s steps weren’t as hurried as the other woman because she couldn’t stop admiring the decorations, statues, and paintings along the way. The duke certainly had a lovely home, and so very large. As they passed a room with an open door, she took a quick peek inside. The room stood empty, except for a few furnishing along the walls. A ballroom.

Louisa's thoughts came to a halt as did her footsteps. Yes, indeed this was a ballroom. In fact, even now she could hear the orchestra playing as her mind imagined couples dancing and sweeping around the room like a flutter of colorful butterflies.

She closed her eyes as the vision grew. A little girl, standing back, watching...dreaming. The deep laughter of an older man as he picked her up in his arms and swung her around, making her feel like a princess. The image of his face was fuzzy, but he had curly blond hair and a square jaw. The little girl’s voice whispered the word, Father.

Louisa snapped alert, her heart beating frantically. A throb in her forehead began, and the harder she tried to remember, the worse the pain became. Had she remembered something from her past?

Realizing she’d been daydreaming, a sharp stab of panic pierced through her. Imbecile! Stop laggin’ behind and get to work or ye’ll be sorry! The warning echoed through her head, but it didn’t come from her voice. The man’s raspy tone chilled her bones and quickened her step to catch up with the housekeeper. She knew as sure as she breathed, that daydreaming was not an option.

But why would she think about being in a ballroom? Apparently, she must have been a servant for a wealthy family and had witnessed the father dancing with his young daughter. She frowned. If only she could remember her own family. Perhaps it wasn’t wise to remember. Because of the scars on her back, she knew she hadn’t had a life of luxury.

Determined to make His Grace proud, she squared her shoulders and quickened her pace.

As she turned a corner, still trying to reach Mrs. Smythe, she walked into a muscular figure of a man. His large hands grabbed her shoulders to keep her from falling and she looked up into the startled eyes of Kenbridge. His rugged appearance and more-than-handsome face cau


 “A book is a device to ignite the imagination.” ~Alan Bennett

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